Thursday, August 22, 2013

Top 5 Reasons to Use Google Calendar's "Where" Field

Google Calendar's "Where" Location is a particularly useful, but often overlooked, field. The unsung hero of scheduling, time management and organization. Here are the top 5 reasons I add Location in Google Calendars using the "Where" field: 
  1. Never Be Late. Google Now will alert me when to leave for an appointment based on the time and location set in Google Calendar; complete with estimated travel time. Google Now even monitors traffic and lets me know if I need to leave early due to delays. None of which would be possible without setting the time and location in Google Calendar.
  2. Automatic Directions. One-click directions from the phone. When I pull up a Google Calendar event on my Android phone I have the option to click on the location and immediately retrieve navigation directions. It doesn't always need an exact address. Business name and city will usually work fine. 
  3. Makes Evernote Mobile Even Better. (I know, I didn't think this was possible either). Google Calendar is seamlessly integrated with the Evernote Mobile app for Android. When I create a note in Evernote Mobile it pulls the location from my Calendar and adds it to my note title. Take a snapshot of a receipt at dinner with Evernote mobile? Location data is automatically added to the title. I can always change it but having the location default helps add notes quickly with relevant information.
  4. Everything's Together. Ever schedule a meeting via email or phone and immediately add the time and subject to your calendar but leave off the location? Add the meeting location to your Google calendar and everything's in one spot. No more frantically searching emails hunting for where to go.
  5. Improves Collaboration. Including the Location field for shared appointments means everyone knows where to go. Nothing kills time and trust like ambiguity. 
Sorry if my list is a little Android heavy but that's what I use. For the iOS or Windows Phone fans out there: how do you leverage Location? 

Any other interesting uses for Google Calendar's "Where" field? Add them to the comments below.